There is so much to experience...


There are multiple marked hiking trails you can follow directly from the island. There is even an exciting trails with ladders, this is for the real adventurers, but you should not have a fear of heights.
You can purchase a hikingmap at the reception.

On the APP 'ville de Bouillon' you can find all walking maps of the municipality of Bouillon.

For Geocaching enthusiasts there are also quite some caches hidden in the area, and even one on the campsite.


If you would like to go biking in the mountainous area, E-bikes, race bikes or mountain bikes are the best option. There are no bike roads, so you will bike on the main road from village to village. For mountain bikers there are marked roads through the forests.
The mountain bike route map can be found on the APP "ville de Boullon".
Mountain bikes can be rented from Récréalle, 10 km away from the campsite. An alternative for a bike is the Segway, with which you can take guided tours. More information about Segway tours can be found at the reception of the campsite.


Fishing is possible in the river Semois, but only with a permit, and the forester comes to checks frequently. As he should do, because with the income from the permits the fish stock are maintained and more fish are added regularly.

Applying for a fish permit can be done online at


There is a beautiful tour of 15 km through nature. You can go to "Semois Kayak" near the bridge in Poupehan, only 1 km down the road from the campsite. Here you can join the tour on different hours during the day for the 15km tour, or a smaller 4 km tour from Poupehan to Frahan. This also includes transportation.

Do not stop at the campsite, this is not allowed by the forester.

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Nothing is more relaxing in the evening than sitting in front of a crackling campfire with a drink. The kids can roast marshmallows above the fire with a stick, yum ...

During Ascension day and Pentecost and during July and August there will be a weekly, big, campfire at the campsite's fireplace. And, if you want to, you can make a fire here on every other day yourself. This is an activity especially the teenagers like.
You are also allowed to make a small fire on your own site, but only in a traditional barbecue (minimum 30cm above the ground). You can also rent a barbecue at the campsite (limited availability).

It is NOT ALLOWED to fire up a fire pit, bowl , disposable barbecue or stones under or round a fire.

In and around the bar

In the bar you can enjoy yourself by playing pool, mini soccer, darts or board games. There is also a television and a big screen for sport games etc. or read one of the provided magazines.

In July and August there will occasionally be a children's disco or other activities.

On the covered terrace you can play a giant game of "four in a row".

In front of the bar there is a playground and a sports field where you can play soccer, basketball, volley, boules and table tennis.